The Jungle in the Summer

It hardly gets more challenging than SE Asian jungles at the height of summer. What’s important:

  • Water and electrolytes are very important and at the height of summer needs to have added electrolytes
  • Take more water than you need and drink early
  • We always keep ice and abundant water in the vehicle – ready to be dropped into a back-pack
  • Everyone is responsible for their own water
  • Coconuts are a fantastic source of potassium (1,200 mg /coconut!)
  • Sports drinks are NOT electrolyte replacements as they contain a poor electrolyte balance and way too much glucose.
  • Hats, long sleeve shirts, trousers, boots (and gaiters) are essential.
  • Gloves are great, they protect from the sun and against the inevitable ants and vines and trees with spikes and spines.
  • Do not push yourself, take it easy as it is all too easy to have little capacity left for the unexpected (bushfire, snake bite, injury etc.)
  • Wildlife is for observing (see the caption below)
Only another 50 metres to the target outcrop! Cambodian jungle. Slow going but its the guy are the front that does all the hard yards! There was cobra seen in this area earlier in the year. When striking it stood >1.5 metres high. The gent who was holding its’ tail was dead within 20 minutes!

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