Marine Boundaries and Exclusive Economic Zone Data Update 11.0

Marine Regions releases version 11 of the Maritime Boundaries

It’s out! Marine Regions newest version of the Maritime Boundaries is now ready for download. Version 11 includes United Nations standard country codes and is updated with new treaties. This GIS data includes territorial limits and Exclusive Economic Boundaries. Essential data if you have an offshore interest.

Download here

ISO and M49 Codes

The United Nations Standard Codes (or M49 codes) and ISO country codes per territory and sovereign have been included in the attribute tables of the Exclusive Economic Zones, the 12 & 24 Nautical Miles zones, the Internal and the Archipelagic Waters.

Pacific-centered Data

Now Maritime Boundaries are centered in the Pacific Ocean. These new 0 to 360° products make your life easier when you need to work in regions where the longitude is near 180°.

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