Nepal – Fantastic Mountains

Just returned from three weeks in the Himalayas –  truly wonderful.  The mountains and the geology were wonderful.  We walked from moderately deformed Lesser Himalayan Series though the Metamorphic Core of the Orogen and across the South Tibetan Detachment Fault into weakly deformed and metamorphosed marine sediments of the Tethyan Ocean.  If you are a geologists this is a transect that you simply need to do and in addition its just a  great adventure.  Planning has already commenced for the 2017 expedition up into the remote Tsum Valley in northern Nepal.


One thought on “Nepal – Fantastic Mountains”

  1. What an adventure this was. I am now back in the working world and it all seems rather strange – I miss the walking and vistas every day. At the end of this trek – I had this suspicion that I should just keep on walking.

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