Samples from the 20km2 Hills Intrusive Centre

Samples taken on a regular 500m by 250 m grid at the 20km2 Hills Intrusive Centre in the last three days. A High-Sulphidation alteration ecosystem. It is one of the 6 or so intrusive canters within the ~200km2 Khvav intrusive cluster all of which shows strong to advanced argillic alteration and vuggy silica.

This large alteration system is coincident with a large gravity anomaly which lies with a large 3,000 km2 gravity low which we interpret to be a large batholith in the mid crust. These gravity features are evident in a 48,000km2 airborne gravity data set and less evident in the 2.5 million km2 satellite gravity data collation we have acquired and reprocessed.

SWIR has detected alunite, pyrophyllite, diaspore, white mica, dickite and minor topaz in rocks from this area, indicative of hydrothermal fluids with temperature locally >300 °C. Alunite in this area is sodic rich.