Was This the Smartest Investment in 2020?

Kawamoto Corporation is a Japanese company, listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange. It is a company that since its listing in 2004 nobody took much notice of, with very little trading activity and a market capitalisation of US$21.2 million, until early January of 2020.

Kawamoto Corproation Daily chart showing a huge increase in both volume and price following the outbreak of COVID19

Since 2004 few shares traded with a big day being 25,000 shares.  Frequently less than 1,000 shares traded each day and this was the case until, January 6, 2020 when volumes started to increase dramatically.  

Within the space of a calendar month the stock had peaked at US$37 with 11 million shares trading in a single day. Market capitalization moved from a modest US$21.2 million to peak at US$ 212 million, all in the space of 20 trading sessions.

Kawamoto produces medical equipment, but most importantly for this market dynamic, Kawamoto is a major producer of surgical masks.

Kawamoto Corporation, showing massive price appreciation since January 4, 2020

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