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Cmi Geoscience is an educational source for geoscientists published on the 15th of each month.  It is always a challenge to stay current with the literature but with Cmi Geoscience you can access most major, peer-reviewed geoscience in an easy to read and structured newspaper format.  This free-for-view service is provided as a contribution to the geoscience community.  It solved our problem and we hope that you find this newspaper helpful in your professional career.

Below is a list of all the major journals which are routinely included in this collation:

Australian Journal of earth sciences
Chemical Geology
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 
Earth Science Reviews
Economic Geology
Geoscience Frontiers
Gondwana Research
International Geology Reviews
International journal of Earth Sciences 
Journal of African Earth Sciences
Journal of Asian Earth Sciences
Journal of Geochemical Exploration 
Journal of Petroleum Geology
Journal of Structural Geology 
Marine and Petroleum Geology
Mineralium Deposita 
Nature Geoscience
Ore geology Reviews 

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