The Climate Change Agenda is in THE ICU

Well, We most certainly live in interesting times.

A few weeks ago, the media were as usual, fixated on climate change, climate change conferences and a certain hysterical teen.  Politicians and celebrities were falling over one another to signal their virtue with joint appearances and media interviews.

With the world now facing a real threat, one which potentially is fatal, climate change has disappeared from the media.  Occasional articles now proclaim that Global Warming will cause far more deaths than this virus, but increasingly this propaganda is falling on deaf ears as the population have a few more serious issues to contend with, like survival and food.

While the virus was gestating and spreading from China your politicians were obsessed with the hysterical teen and climate change, oblivious to real threat so evident to many, a threat now manifest.

The dilemma for the global warming alarmists is?….can they ever see a return to the media momentum of the past few years?  I would suggest that is very unlikely.  The population now have some firsthand experience of a real existential threat, not the distant, exaggerated and multitudinious threats of Global Warming.  This is exacerbated by the growing proportion of people who are highly sceptical of the Global Warming science and disbelieving of the excessively alarmist rhetoric.

Can the Global Warming agenda survive the facts?   The climate may be warming, but at a rate which is personally  imperceptible and there is considerable dissonance between the hype and what the population experiences.

Can the momentum of the Climate Change agenda ever be restored?  With Vostok station setting a new record low temperature, with Arctic Sea Ice Extent close to the average since 1979, record low temperatures being seen in Antarctica, floods following fires in Australia and well above average northern hemisphere snow mass.  This would seem very unlikely.

Vast sums have been spent on Global Warming programs, subsidies and conferences in the last decade, while virologists at companies and institutions struggled for years to get funding and we still do not have a vaccine for SARS-COV-1.  Government funding bodies were sceptical of the need for a vaccine, when SARS only survived in the laboratory.  However, the threat from Corona viruses is well documented and your politicians wasted money and some of your lives on programs that might have a miniscule impact on global climate in 100 years or so.  Development of a SARS-COV-1 vaccine and antiviral regimen may have been effective against SARS-COV-2 and at the very least that experience would have been invaluable in our current situation. 

How the world has changed. 

It is time to redirect government funds, subsidies and energies from the Climate Change Agenda into fighting this virus, rebuilding our economies, establishing a global network to monitor health and microbe evolution and lastly research into the obvious viral and bacterial threats to a global population approaching 10 billion.  If we do not do this, new microbial threats will evolve, and the next one could easily be as contagious but more lethal than SARS-COV-2.

The world will be very different when COVID19 is a memory, but likely the world will not forget the distress of a real and present danger as opposed to the increasingly hysterical banter of the Climate Change agenda.  The world will have little appetite for renewed fear from the Climate Change lobby. 

The Climate Change momentum has been lost and its restoration appears to be very unlikely. 

There is a lesson in all of this.  Adherence to the Precautionary Principle in determining public risk management policy can result in a massive misallocation of funding and being entirely blindsided by a genuine threat to humanity. You politicians and media have failed you, whether they modify their behaviour and focus is entirely up to you.  Speak Up and speak up with a  loud voice,

One thought on “The Climate Change Agenda is in THE ICU”

  1. Great to see your common sense approach to climate change John.
    My latest concern is our government plan to spend $20 Bn on a 10GW solar plant in NT – $20 Bn for 10 GW!
    A gas field producing the equivalent amount of energy would cost ~$1Bn to develop and the carbon offsets (if you believe they are necessary) might cost the same over 20-30 years.
    So 10% of the cost for carbon neutral energy from gas, of which Australia has plenty.

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