This doth remind me

Credit: Origin Unknown. Arc de Triomph, Paris

“HARK! Hark! on yonder distant shore,
The noisy din of war I hear;
The sword’s unsheath’d—the cannons roar,
And Gallia’s sons in arms appear,
‘Tis France, ’tis France, the people cry,
Fighting for sacred Liberty.”    Thomas Spence, 1794

A truly remarkable image of the Arc De Triomph with a  vast crowd of angry French Yellow Jackets.

Notables on Macron 2017:

  • Osborne: “The leadership that France needs.”
  • D. Miliband: “[The] tribune for modernisation in…Europe.”
  • Freeman: “A French JFK.”
  • Cable: “I can offer the same formula.”
  • Lineker: “Boy we could do with a Macron.”

Oh indeed to be so very wrong, in short a time.